Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - A Day Unlike Any Other

I try to educate my children in a way that is broader than the national curriculum and not constrained by religion and tradition. I feel the BBC's bias coverage of the Royal Wedding does not give my children a balanced perspective of what the Royal Wedding and the Royal family represent in modern Britain. The Guardian editorial points out that no former labour politicians were invited to the Royal wedding. That spiteful symbolic snub, alongside invites to world tyrants speaks volumes about the British ruling class which is slipping quickly back into its old ways now that the natural order of things has been restored by the Tories. The wedding is not a fairytale moment. Modern Britain is not fairyland. These are tough times for millions of British people. This is not a day for demented princess worship or for in-your-face state extravagance.

In order not to deprive my children of watching the wedding we stayed at home during the morning so that they could watch the TV if they chose. However, to their credit that preferred to play in the garden. We decided to join like minded parents and their children at a republican picnic. Over 50 local people joined us in Brockwell Park.

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