Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hobbies For Autistic Kids

I am trying to work with Owen to find a hobby (other than computers) that he enjoys and is good at and can meet new friends. We have tried a variety of hobbies but Owen hasn't taken to anything yet apart from swimming. The problem with swimming is he doesn't really meet new people as he doesn't want to take lessons or compete. He tolerates horse riding (on the condition I am teaching him) and Taekwondo but is not passionate about either. Other hobbies we have tried include football, ballet, karate. The problems he faces are:

  • Not being able to following instructions

  • Poor coordination

  • Not been able to work as a team

  • Not being able to cope with the noise and chaos of other kids

  • Getting upset when other kids discover he is autistic (usually as a result of Anya telling kids because Owen is being odd)
Next week we will be starting an Archery course with Surrey Bowmen. Owen liked the idea of archery. I thought it might be good as it is quite, not a team sport and doesn't require multi limb coordination.

If Archery does not suit him I also have the following ideas:

  • Snorkling/Diving

  • Warhammer

  • Darts

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