Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Moving House & Autism

Moving house is stressful for most people, but for someone with autism, for whom routine is important, change can be very difficult and lead to a lot of stress and anxiety.

I have found that preparing Owen for big events is the most effective way of reducing his stress.  I have spent the last few months preparing Owen for the move and including:
  • Explaining why we are moving
  • Showing him photos of the new house
  • Explaining what is involved in the move
  • Showing Owen the calender and reminding him of the move date
  • Packing a bag of essential toys, clothes and food/snacks for the first few days.

Social stories may also help autistic kids understand what is going on. 

On the day of the move we ensure the kids stuff was off loaded first and their beds and essential toys unpacked first.  Anya was brilliant and got on with unpacking her stuff.  Owen needed more support and help but managed well. 

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