Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mountain Boarding - Our Most Successful Trip

We went mountain boarding at Redhill Ride The Hill Mountain Boarding centre. It was one of the most successful trips we have done. We all had a wonderful day learning to mountain board and socialising with the other home educating families.

After the disastrous archery course I felt nervous about taking the kids on a large home education trip. Owen can't cope with large noisy groups and can get aggressive and fractious. Initially, when we arrived Owen was quite anxious. He didn't want the other kids to know that he was a beginner as many of the other kids has already had a mountain boarding lesson. However, the instructor was fantastic. He used loads of positive language even when we made mistakes. Owen gets very anxious if people in his group progress faster than him. However, the instructor kept the pace the same for all of us. He was flexible in allowing kids to go of an take a break or have something to eat as and when they needed to.

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