Thursday, 10 February 2011

Museum of London

Most of the experienced home educators I meet say that children have a natural interest to learn and an extraordinary ability to think diversely. Many of them believe that mainstream schooling damages this natural interest. My kids are only recently out of mainstream schooling and generally they don't demonstrate a natural interest to learn. However, I have recently seen sparks of interest and a pride in their work. I am determined to encourage these sparks by allowing them to access a diverse source of learning.

I am on a mission to visit as many FREE museums, park and gardens as possible. Yesterday, we visited the Museum of London Docklands. I thought it was very interesting but Owen spent most of his time lying on the floor saying it was boring. Taking his shoes off did seem to help a little. However, both the kids said they liked learning about slavery. They both asked me lot of questions about this difficult subject.

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  1. you could try the Maritime Museum, if you haven't already- loads about slavery in there (and it's freeee!)
    my children went in sniggering a bit, but came out staggered