Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm Not Naughty, I am Autisitc

Yesterday, a close family member made a comment to Anya that Owen is not autistic just naughty. Many people see autism as just another label that has been given to children who are "naughty", argumentative, aggressive or use foul language. Society is slow to accept that autism is a very real and valid diagnosis. Complete strangers often feel it is their right to approach me and comment on my child's bad behaviour. Although, people are starting to be more sympathetic and patient and often show a real interest in what I am doing to support Owen. From the outside looking in, it may seem as though autistic children are really "normal", as they do not tend to have any physical impairments that mark them as different to non- autistic children. But, their normal physical appearance is no reflection of their inner struggle with autism. Autism is a disabling brain disorder. It affects the way in which people understand and react to the world around them.


  1. It really hurts when those closest to us don't understand our children's struggle. I've heard them all. Just too much sugar...if you disciplined him correctly... if only it was just that easy. People just have no idea. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Thanks, it is great to know there are other people facing the same problem.