Monday, 31 January 2011

Mouthing/Pica in Autism

Last year we were tying to resolves Owen's mouthing problems by using a Thera-Band tubing. We found that the tube didn't work as well as we hoped as it involves us having it at hand at all times and Owen having to hold it in order to chew it. He chews when he is on the computer and therefore has no spare hands to hold the tube. He prefers to chew his collar which is much more convenient.

My new idea is the use of chewing gum. It does seem to work well as long as I have an endless supply handy. I was concerned about the ingredients in Wrigley's chewing gum. Even Wrigleys packet states that excessive use of gum can act as a laxative.

Finally, I have found some natural and organic chewing gum which apart from the cost may offer the solution. Of course Owen doesn't make it easy as he only like lemon or lime flavour. Which luckily is available Chicza Organic Mexican Lime Bio Chewing Gum

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