Saturday, 6 November 2010

Agression, Swearing & Self Esteem

During Owen's school years our biggest concerns relating to his emotional welfare were:

  1. Low Self Esteem

  2. Aggression

  3. Swearing
The school said he did not demonstrate ANY of these symptoms at school. It was very frustrating as I felt they were implying, that as this behaviour was not at school, it must be associated with his home life. I have always felt confident that his emotional difficulties were a mix of his autism and the way the school was educating him. And NOT as a result of my parenting. Somehow, he managed to control his aggression at school. I think this was mainly because he was so petrified of the head teacher. However, when we picked him up from school he was often aggressive or he resorted to excessive swearing. Have we seen any improvements since he left school? YES! His self esteem has dramatically improved. His swearing has subsided specially in public situations. However, he is often aggressive. His aggression to wards other kids is at its worst during chaotic groups.

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